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Final Fantasy XIV Could Start Letting New Players Pay Money to Catch Up With Current Content

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Final Fantasy XIV Could Start Letting New Players Pay Money to Catch Up With Current Content

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Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most popular MMORPGs on the market right now. Its base story, A Realm Reborn, is fantastic, and I hear the story in the first expansion Heavensward is even better. However, in order for players to check out the Heavensward content, one has to finish up every single main story quest in A Realm Reborn and the game’s subsequent patches before they can move on. During my playthrough, it took me about a hundred hours to clear the main story and start working through the first patches. While the story was gripping and compelling (and well worth my time spent), players with less time to dedicate to the game could find this a little troublesome.

Director Naoki Yoshida might have a solution:

‘Including the free trial version, we are seeing several thousand new players play FINAL FANTASY XIV every day. While FINAL FANTASY XIV might be one of those games wherein new players can catch up to the top-end of the players relatively easy, not everyone has a lot of free time to spend on the game. A lot of people enjoy gaming as much as they can with their limited free time while managing their busy lives.

While people will be able to catch up even easier after the release of Stormblood with the adjustments we will make to the amount of experience points obtained, it would still require a lot of time just to reach the starting point of Stormblood.

If an MMORPG is not able to recruit new players, all that is left is for the game to stabilize and eventually go on a decline. At that moment, the type of operation of the game would shift to one that works hard to slow down the pace of decline. To prevent the game from reaching that point, we would like to prepare as much as we can for the potential new players that may be interested in the game.

Furthermore, due to the Armoury System in FINAL FANTASY XIV, players are able to experience all the classes and jobs that are available on a single character. While there are a lot of players that have every class/job leveled up all the way, there are also players that only have time to level up one job. We believe the “Jumping Potion” would become an incentive to try other classes/jobs. Additionally, players would not have to worry as much about spending time on leveling and focus on gearing up their alternate class/job by visiting existing content and ultimately, increase the clear rate of the existing content.’

A level booster item like the one we see in World of Warcraft could benefit new players, especially with the incoming release of the Stormblood expansion. The two Jumping Potions will allow players to either level up a new job, or skip main story quests and view cutscenes at an inn. At the moment, these Potions are priced at 5,000 yen in Japan.

Final Fantasy XIV is now available on PS4 and PC.

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