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Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Plans are Coming Soon


Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Plans are Coming Soon

Celebrating a milestone.

2017 marks the 30th anniversary for the Final Fantasy series, no small feat for any video game franchise. As such Square Enix is sure to have surprises in store, something that Final Fantasy Brand Manager Shinji Hashimoto commented on recently. Hashimoto revealed in the newest issue of Famitsu that Square will be announcing anniversary plans for the series soon in the coming days. Thanks to Hachima for pointing it out.

The only thing announced for the anniversary currently is a series of escape rooms opening in Japan called “Real Escape Game x FF14 ‘Escape From Bahamut’s Grand Labyrinth.'” Hashimoto promised that the company has more in store for the series.

It should be noted that 2017 also sees the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII and the 15th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts. There are also four DLC add-ons planned for Final Fantasy XV currently.

What would you like to see happen to the Final Fantasy series for its anniversary? Would you want to see the first part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, or something new entirely? Let us know down in the comments below.


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