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Everything We’ve Learned About For Honor so Far


Everything We’ve Learned About For Honor so Far

For Honor!

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The Story of For Honor

for honor

Up until now, all we’ve seen of For Honor is brutal combat between three distinct warring factions. To be fair, that’s more than enough for some to already want in on the action being developed by Ubisoft Montreal, but there are those, present company included, who wanted to know how did this war begin in the first place. During our time with the game recently, we got to find out the answer to exactly that.

The world that the game takes place in was actually hit by a huge cataclysm some years before the start of the action. This left many people without homes across the world, so nations started sending out their best warriors to find a new country to settle in. Naturally, the three strongest warrior factions – Knights, Vikings, and Samurai – ended up in the same, resource-rich land, and must now fight to survive or die as the land is taken over by others.

Of course, nothing is ever as simple as that. Working in the background is an antagonist who concocts the perfect plan to seize the land for herself along with her own people. She instigates war between and within the different factions to exert her control over whoever she can manipulate. This serves as the driving force behind the very core of For Honor. 

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