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Top 10 Easiest Xbox One Games for Achievements of 2016


Top 10 Easiest Xbox One Games for Achievements of 2016

Easy achievements galore.

The Turing Test

The Turing Test 2

The Turing Test is a head-scratching puzzle game that you simply won’t want to put down. With slight Portal undertones, you’ll be tasked with making your way through each individual chamber with the help of a gun that can sap and shoot energy balls into sockets. It’s not a massively long game, but it’s got some truly challenging moments to have you stumped for quite a while.

The Turing Test has 15 achievements worth the typical 1000 points. Why is it so easy? Because 550 of that 1000 is awarded for simply completing the game. The other 450 is split over another bunch of achievements rewarded for completing optional side puzzles. While you’ll get the most enjoyment out of The Turing Test from completing it on your own, you can always use a walkthrough to get the solutions to each room. When all is said and done, you’ll have 1000 Gamerscore in under 10 hours. Not bad at all.

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