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10 Laughably Easy Video Game Bosses


10 Laughably Easy Video Game Bosses

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – King Dodongo

The second boss in this legendary game is incredibly intimidating thanks to his massive size, rows of sharp teeth, and a giant pit of lava in the center of his arena. Yet, despite his terrifying presence, King Dodongo is almost stupidly easy to put down. Sure, the first boss Gohma was dumb enough to show her weak spot, but at least she didn’t literally suck up explosives multiple times in a row like Dodongo did.

All players need to do in order to achieve victory is throw a bomb into his massive mouth every time he inhales (for what feels like 30 seconds) and then whack him a few times with your sword. King Dodongo will then roll around the map’s edges for a little before repeating the entire process again. We’re pretty sure the Gorons could have handled this.

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