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Doom Receives Final Piece of Paid DLC


Doom Receives Final Piece of Paid DLC

Out now for $14.99

The last piece of paid Doom DLC, entitled Bloodfall, is now available for download on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It costs $14.99.

Bloodfall brings its fair share of treats to the party: three new maps for multiplayer, a new demon transformation – the Spectre Pinky – and a snazzy grenade launcher.

The new maps are as follows:

  • Empyrian – Fight in an ageless colosseum held aloft by opposing energies, as the gilded battlements slowly crumble
  • Boneyard – Battle in the outer realm of Hell, where the landscape is made entirely of demon flesh, teeth and bone
  • Outbreak – Engage in intense combat throughout a UAC facility transformed after underworldly science breaks free from containment

Along with a new playable demon, new maps, and the grenade launcher, there is new equipment for your character – lateral thrusters. These allow you to dodge enemy fire more effectively, but also add a third mid-air jump that provides short directional boosts to your movement.

To have a look at the full details on the update, take a look at Bethesda’s website.

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