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Don’t Expect Any New Spider-Man Footage at PSX Or The Game Awards

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Don’t Expect Any New Spider-Man Footage at PSX Or The Game Awards

Slinging his way into 2017.

As awesome as the new PS4 exclusive Spider-Man game looks, Insomniac has announced via Twitter that they will not be showing any new footage of the game at PlayStation Experience or at The Game Awards this year. The studio continued to state that they understand fans’ disappointment at the lack of news, but they’ve also promised that they’re hard at work on some cool stuff to be shown soon. You can check out the developer tweets down below.

Spider-Man was first announced at the Sony conference back at E3 in Los Angeles this year. We got a glimpse of the web-slinger as he swung around New York City. We saw a little bit more footage at the Sony event where the PS4 Pro was officially unveiled, but not much else in the way of news. It looks like we might have to wait till next year before we get any more news on the title. We’ll keep you updated as more info comes our way.

What are your thoughts on the game so far? Let us know in the comments down below.

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