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Dishonored 2’s New Game Plus Lets You Use Corvo and Emily’s Powers


Dishonored 2’s New Game Plus Lets You Use Corvo and Emily’s Powers

The power of family.

Dishonored 2’s been out for over a month, but the fun doesn’t stop once you’ve beaten the game as Corvo and Emily. A New Game Plus mode will be coming next week as part of the game’s first free update. It’ll let you see what it’s like to wield the powers of both characters at the same time, so if you’ve wanted to know how Papa Attano would use his daughter’s Shadow Walk ability or see how the Empress fares with controlling rats, this’ll suit your needs.

To unlock New Game Plus, all you have to do is to have beaten Dishonored 2 once as either Corvo or Emily. Once the credits roll and you’re bounced back to the main menu, you’ll see the option to start again with either character and have access to both their powers. You’ll also keep any Bonecharm Traits and Rune progress you made, so no need to worry about that, either. You’ll just have to re-assign your Runes to get those powers.

Game Update 1 releases today on PC as part of a test, but it and New Game Plus will arrive in full for Dishonored 2 players on Dec. 19 for all systems. The second Game Update will come in January and allow for you to select which missions you want to play and tune difficulty however you’d like. More info on that update will come in the future weeks.

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