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Destiny: The Dawning – SRL Record Book Rewards


Destiny: The Dawning – SRL Record Book Rewards

SRL Rewards – Destiny: The Dawning

As was the case last year, Destiny’s Sparrow Racing League (SRL) has a record book for players to fill out with their accomplishments during the game’s latest event, The Dawning. The challenges range from finishing races to topping each course’s par time. As you complete challenges and increase your accomplishments, you will earn experience that will level up your record book, unlocking some sweet rewards.

Here are the prizes you can get for showing the world how a true Guardian handles a Sparrow in the SRL:

  • Level 2 – Signet of Speed Emblem
  • Level 3 – 3x SRL Champions Ornament
  • Level 4 – Hoarfrost Shader
  • Level 5 – Amanda’s Tag
  • Level 6 – Good Game Emote
  • Level 7 – Xur’s Tag
  • Level 8 – EV-31 Nightbird Sparrow
  • Level 9 – Saladin’s Tag
  • Level 10 – Dawn’s Return Shader

You will have until Jan. 3 to complete the challenges in the book, which should prove to be more than enough. Just make sure that you bring your A-game to The Dawning’s racing league so that you can come out ahead of the competition. With a bit of practice you’ll earn yourself some sweet rewards and some serious bragging rights as we make our way into 2017 and approach the future of Destiny.

Good luck and safe travels, Guardians.

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