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Destiny The Dawning Release Time (PST and EST) [Updated]


Destiny The Dawning Release Time (PST and EST) [Updated]

What Time The Dawning Releases – Destiny

Update: The 1.30 patch has begun to roll out, so if you haven’t checked for a new update via the Destiny app then you will want to start now.

Destiny: The Dawning is the newest addition to this famed title’s history, and includes the return of not only Sparrow Racing League (SRL) but the Icebreaker exotic weapon as well. This content is focused around a winter theme and is acting as Destiny’s next holiday event following Festival of the Lost in October. For those looking to up into this content right away, it is releasing Dec. 13 at 10 AM PST, which means for east coasters it will drop at 1 EST.

However, it’s been reported that this DLC has not dropped at the exact time at launch, which means it could have some problems with the update. Given, Bungie is usually very accurate with when they release their newest content, especially on a reset day, so this is unusual. Players should expect the new content to release at least by 11 PST, otherwise, we should expect announcement from Bungie as to the delay.

For those wondering, Destiny: The Dawning is bring a wealth of new content including 3 updated strikes, SRL, three exotic weapons, a plethora of new armor, and the new Strike Scoring playlist. Users can also obtain new masks and emotes via the Eververse stand. All of these will be available at launch, the only question is how long will Bungie keep us in the snow waiting.

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