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Destiny The Dawning: How to Get Saladin’s Tag


Destiny The Dawning: How to Get Saladin’s Tag

Saladin’s Tag – Destiny: The Dawning

The Dawning is Destiny’s new holiday event that introduces new quests, activities, and items. Some of these items are obtained through these huge gift boxes you find in the Tower, above where you speak to the Vanguard.

One of the boxes requires that you use an item called Saladin’s Tag. You’re not given any description of what it is, just that you need it. If you search vendors you won’t find one to purchase, and you won’t see one drop at the end of a mission. It turns out that they are a Record Book reward.

Part of Destiny: The Dawning is a string of challenges covering both SRL and the new Strikes. Completing them earns you experience that unlocks rewards at each new tier. The level 9 reward is Saladin’s Tag. Once you have it, you’re free to head back to the Tower and use it to open up that large, mysterious gift box. Who knows what you’ll find inside, but we’re sure it’s something really cool. Hopefully the Traveler (we doubt they have a Santa) put something really special for you in there. Make sure to share with your Fireteam.

Happy holidays and safe travels, Guardians.

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