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Destiny The Dawning: SIVA Shadow Theif Strike Guide


Destiny The Dawning: SIVA Shadow Theif Strike Guide

Shadow Thief – Destiny: The Dawning

One of the new strikes to update with Destiny: The Dawning is the famed Shadow Thief strike which pits players against the brilliant Fallen tactician Taniks. The base strike for this hasn’t altered too much, as the enemies are now scaled up to light level 320 and are in the Devil Splicer variety. There are also large SIVA clusters and turrets scattered about, with the notable presence of the Hive scattered around the floating Ketch ship. When you start the mission it will proceed as normal, with the small exception of Taniks already waiting at the warp bay with you. However, he will be distracted with the Hive, so just put some rounds into him until he warps away.

Continue through the strike as you would normally, as Bungie really didn’t alter anything to drastically that will change how you approach each encounter. Instead of a normal walker, you will find a SIVA Devil Walker, but it’s not much of threat. However, the biggest changes are to the actual boss fight with Taniks, as a new mechanic has been added to this area. Instead of shooting Taniks and forcing him to warp away, he will actually gain a shield and become immune to damage.

A warning will come up int he bottom left corner along with a variety of diamond-shaped SIVA clusters around the field. You will need to destroy these to damage Taniks, but your window is small so make sure to coordinate. During this fight, several waves of Fallen, including powerful Servitors, will come streaming out of the doors. Try to not get overwhelmed by all of the gunfire as this room doesn’t offer a ton of areas for catching your breath. After three or four rounds of destroying SIVA clusters this altered Destiny boss will fall and shower you with loot… hopefully.

What’s intriguing is that during the mission you will gain new information on this Fallen leader that suggests he could have been more machine than alien before the SIVA infected him. This has spawned some interesting theories already and it will be intriguing to see if Destiny expands on this with future content.

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