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Destiny: How to Get the Dawning Fortunes Grimoire Card


Destiny: How to Get the Dawning Fortunes Grimoire Card

How to Get the Dawning Fortunes Grimoire Card

Destiny’s The Dawning update, also known as update 2.5.0, brought into the game this year’s holiday event. The arrivals included the Sparrow Racing League and new exotics, but also a subtle Grimoire card addition.

Up until now, the Dawning Fortunes Grimoire card has remained elusive, telling of an end of year Guardian tradition:

“Fortune telling at the start of a new year is one of many traditions refugees brought to the Last City. Each Dawning, Guardians open mysterious boxes containing paper fortunes, hoping for luck and good news”

As of Dec. 27, these fortunes have been added to the game. Players can head to The Tower’s gift box area to find themselves a Box of Fortunes. Opening this will award both a Paper Fortune and the Dawning Fortunes Grimoire card.

It’s still unclear what these Paper Fortunes actually do. They carry a variety of messages, some foretelling great success, others predicting the disappointment or surprises of Destiny NPCs. These fortunes may serve some kind of purpose later in The Dawning, perhaps offering bonuses or mission objectives come the new year. For now, Paper Fortunes remain a mystery, and we’ll keep you updated should any details arise.

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