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Destiny: How to Get Concentrated Fire Medals and What They Do


Destiny: How to Get Concentrated Fire Medals and What They Do

Concentrated Fire Medal – Destiny

Along with a new holiday event called The Dawning, Destiny’s latest update also brought some changes to Strikes. Some of the Strike Playlists now have a scoring system that is very similar to the one found in Challenge of the Elders. You’ll earn points for killing enemies and for completing the Strike, but there are also medals you can earn while playing, many of which are tied into the new Bounties you can pick up in the Tower. One of the medals is Concentrated Fire.

How to Get a Concentrated Fire Medal

Getting this medal requires all members of your team to focus fire on a single enemy for a couple of seconds. This is difficult to get if you focus on small enemies, as they die quicker than the game can recognize what’s going on. Stronger, shielded enemies (preferably Majors or Ultras) and bosses make obtaining Concentrated Fire medals much easier.

When you have one in your sights, call it out so all your teammates join in and keep shooting that one enemy until the medal pops. If you want multiple medals, just keep going. As long as you make sure to call out the more powerful enemies, you’ll see yourself racking up these medals in no time.

What They Do

Obtaining medals will give you point bonuses during Strikes, and some are necessary to acquire for certain bounties.

Good luck and safe travels, Guardians.

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