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Destiny The Dawning: How to Get Amanda’s Tag


Destiny The Dawning: How to Get Amanda’s Tag

Amanda’s Tag – Destiny: The Dawning

Destiny’s The Dawning is the latest holiday event to bring forth all of that cheer to the Tower. With it, you’ll be able to get some new quests, gear, and loot boxes!

There are some gift boxes at the Tower you can’t open right away, though. These three, large boxes towards the back require specific tags that you will first need to obtain in order to crack them open. One, in particular, requires the Amanda’s Tag. You won’t be able to just find or buy this tag, though. It’s a reward from The Dawning’s Record Book. You’ll get experience from completing the challenges that have to do with The Dawning. So, like, the SRL and Strikes. Complete those and you’ll get that XP to level up.

As you level, you’ll get rewards like Emblems and gear, but you’ll also get the tags you need! Once you reach level 5, you’ll get Amanda’s Tag! Just keep doing the challenges (remember, SRL and Strikes) and you will eventually be able to claim your tag from the book. Then, just go to the Tower, open up that gift box, and enjoy what’s inside!

Happy holidays and safe travels, Guardians.



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