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Destiny Is Celebrating Christmas With ‘The Dawning’

destiny dawning

Destiny Is Celebrating Christmas With ‘The Dawning’

Celebrate Christmas with Destiny.

Bungie is celebrating Christmas with a special Destiny event called The Dawning, the developer announced during the main conference at PlayStation Experience.

The Dawning will be a part of the popular game from December 13 and will run until the beginning of January.

Destiny’s Christmas event will see sparrow racing return with new events and sparrows. As with any other Destiny update, there will also be new weapons and armour added as part of the update. The Dawning will also add Strike scoring for the high-score chasing people amoungst the Destiny players.

We will update this post with the reveal trailer as soon as it becomes available.

The Dawning event will be playable from December 13.

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