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Dead Rising 4: What the Max Level Cap Is


Dead Rising 4: What the Max Level Cap Is

Max Level Cap – Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4 will have you killing thousands of zombies, completing missions, finding collectibles, and taking selfies all in the name of earning PP and leveling up. Unfortunately, you can’t just continue to get infinitely stronger, but instead you’ll reach a max level cap that you cannot exceed no matter how hard you try.

Dead Rising 4’s max level cap is actually pretty high. You’ll need to earn enough PP to get you all of the way up to level 100 if you want to reach the dizzying heights of the max level cap. Of course, other than skill points and the skills that they unlock, there’s no other real major benefit to leveling Frank up. However, it is a nice way to gauge just how much time you’ve put into the game and how close you are to completing every last bit of it.

It’s worth noting that if you intend on trying to get all of the achievements that Dead Rising 4 has to offer, you may well end up reaching the max level cap as part of your challenge to kill 200,008 zombies.

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