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Dead Rising 4: How to Unlock New Outfits


Dead Rising 4: How to Unlock New Outfits

Unlock New Outfits – Dead Rising 4

Keeping Frank in the same old outfit is fine and all, but there’s nothing like giving him some new threads to brighten his zombie-killing day. While you can mix and match different bits of clothing together to make your own stylish outfit, the game offers a number of outfits that’ll have Frank adopting the roles of the star quarterback or a pro tennis player.

To unlock new outfits in Dead Rising 4, you’ll first need to seek out every different item that makes it up in the game. For example, if you want to unlock the tennis outfit, you’ll need to find the Tennis Shirt, Tennis Shorts, Tennis Shoes and Tennis Head Band. When you’ve picked up all of these different items of clothing from around the world, you’ll then be able to select the outfit from the ‘Outfits’ tab of your in-game Wardrobe if you go to one of the mirrors found in store changing rooms or restrooms.

Now, unlocking the whole outfit won’t get you any kind of stat boost, but it does just provide a bit of additional comic relief as you’re sending packs of zombies flying through the air in Frank’s best tennis whites.

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