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Dead Rising 4: How to Restore Health


Dead Rising 4: How to Restore Health

Restore Health – Dead Rising 4

The zombie hordes are relentless and though Frank is a tough one-man army, you’ll need to restore his health every once in a while during your time with Dead Rising 4.

To restore health in Dead Rising 4, you’ll need to keep an eye out for any consumables that are lying around the environment. These are also conveniently marked with a little health cross symbol just above them. Press B on your Xbox One controller to pick them up, and then to use them, press down on your d-pad.

Frank should then do a quick animation to show he’s used one of your consumables, and then his health bar will be restored slightly. It’s worth noting here that not all consumables will restore the same amount of health. While a first aid kit can restore health almost completely, a coffee will only raise Frank’s health status by a small chunk.

For those sustaining heavy damage often, you’ll want to look into the Fortitude skills and unlock the very first one called Healing. Unlocking the Healing skill will allow your health to slowly regenerate over time when outside of combat. It’s not the perfect solution, but it’ll definitely help you out in tight spots.

For more tips, tricks, and guides for Dead Rising 4, be sure to check back with Twinfinite.

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