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Dawn of Titans: How to Get More Titans


Dawn of Titans: How to Get More Titans

Titans – Dawn of Titans

If you want to truly be an unstoppable force of nature in the strategy mobile game Dawn of Titans, then you will want to supplement your armies with as much of an edge as possible. Enter Titans, some of the most powerful units to grace the battlefield thanks to their line breaking attacks. There are a lot of Titans in this game, with many of them spanning a gambit of rarity which can make acquiring them tricky. Especially given Dawn of Titans’ economy is set up in a way that encourages players to purchase Titans with real world money, which isn’t ideal.

One of the basic ways to get a Titan is through purchasing them via paying 4,000 gems at the Relic Temple. However, you have a possibility at a daily free Titan at the Altar of Wealth. Now this will be completely up to chance if you managed to nab one as you can also obtain rare items or relics from this altar. However, this is perhaps the most efficient way to obtain Titans, so make sure you are checking this every day.

The second is through the Altar of Titans, which requires you to pay 4,000 gems in order to unlock a guaranteed Titan. In order to acquire gems you will want to make sure you’re doing every daily mission as they reward you with this rare currency. Dawn of Titans is a title that encourages grinding so this will take some time, but we do recommend saving up and buying at least one extra Titan to start out with. While purchasing a rare relic for 1,000 gems is tempting, the Titans typically have more of an immediate impact on how a battle is going. Thankfully, some of the daily missions aren’t stingy with how much they reward you as some can net players 100 gems.

With a little luck and some patience, you will be collecting a pantheon of Titans that can make any army shake in their boots.

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