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Check Out Gameplay Footage of Nioh’s Ogress Boss Fight on the PS4 Pro


Check Out Gameplay Footage of Nioh’s Ogress Boss Fight on the PS4 Pro

A garden of tears.

PlayStation Access recently had the opportunity to check out Nioh, the upcoming action RPG from Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja. The game’s been optimized for the newly released PS4 Pro, so the outlet managed to capture some sweet-looking gameplay footage of the title running at 4K. Not only that, the video also shows off a new area we haven’t seen in the alpha or the beta, along with a brand new boss fight with the Ogress. You can check out the footage down below.

Like the previous bosses we’ve fought in the released demos, the Ogress also seems to have two main phases in her fight. Once you get her down to half health, her attacks become faster and more vicious, forcing you to relearn some of her patterns and adapt to them. With the variety of weapons and move sets available to players, it should be interesting to see how many ways we can tackle this fight.

Nioh is set to be released for the PS4 on February 7.

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