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Carrie Fisher Was in Dishonored as an Easter Egg


Carrie Fisher Was in Dishonored as an Easter Egg

Her voice can be heard in the game, but only if you complete a certain action.

Carrier Fisher, the actress and writer best-known for portraying Princess Leia in the Star Wars film saga, tragically passed away on Tuesday at just 60 years old after suffering a massive heart attack. And although she rarely voiced characters in video games, Glixel discovered that she had a small part in 2012’s Dishonored.

Despite having a much-ballyhooed cast of voice actors that included Michael Madsen and Susan Sarandon, neither Dishonored publisher Bethesda nor developer Arkane Studios publicized Fisher’s role. As it turns out, her lines were a bit of an Easter Egg that were likely only heard by a small number of players.

Throughout the game, players could hear a speaker spreading propaganda over a PA system, but it was possible to kill that speaker in the mission “Return to the Tower.” Players who managed to do so would then hear Fisher’s voice replacing the original speaker’s.

Following Fisher’s passing this week, Dishonored Director Harvey Smith recalled fondly in a tweet working with the actress on the game. “It’s a little thing, but Carrie Fisher was gracious, funny and creatively open when we worked with her for a small role in #Dishonored. RIP.”


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