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Blizzard Apologizes for Mei’s Winter Outfit, Says “Coolness is Subjective”


Blizzard Apologizes for Mei’s Winter Outfit, Says “Coolness is Subjective”

Talk about a chilly reception.

Blizzard kicked off the winter event for Overwatch earlier this week, which gives several characters holiday-themed skins and highlight intros. While plenty of them are certainly delightful, fans aren’t too pleased with Mei’s outfit, something that director Jeff Kaplan has now apologized for over on the forums. While he admits that “coolness is subjective,” he does admit that the studio’s gauge was off here.

Diving further into Legendary and Epic skins, Kaplan said that the studio doesn’t really have a specific rule for what classifies as such. “We just sort of make a gut call based off of what we think is cool.” As far as Mei is concerned, the reasoning there was that since they redid the effects for Cryo-Freeze by turning the ice block into a snowman, “we thought that it was pretty special” enough to warrant being deemed Legendary in Overwatch. Still, he takes the reactions in stride, saying that they’ve learned something for future events. He also said that the cryogenics expert will get something “pretty awesome” next year.

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