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Blade Runner 2049’s New Teaser Is Hauntingly Beautiful


Blade Runner 2049’s New Teaser Is Hauntingly Beautiful

A glorious return.

The long awaited teaser trailer for director Denis Villeneuve’s sequel to the critically acclaimed film Blade Runner has finally arrived. While it’s short on actual story, characters, and answers this brief glimpse gives audiences a chance to see the artistic direction of the film. It’s clear that Villeneuve is mixing both the dark noir tones of the original Blade Runner and more heavily saturated color pallets of recent films like Mad Max: Fury Road.

In the teaser, we only get a brief glimpse at a desolated location that Ryan Gosling’s character, who is an LAPD officer named K, explore a sandblasted building. He is then met at gunpoint by the original Blade Runner’s protagonist Rick Deckard, whose role is being reprised by actor Harrison Ford. The rest of Blade Runner 2049’s story is hidden away, but we do know that both K and Deckard had the same profession.

Whether this movie becomes a massive hit like the original is still yet to be seen, however, all eyes are one Villeneuve in hopes that he can deliver. Blade Runner 2049 is set to release on October 6 of next year.

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