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This Year’s 4 Most Atrocious DLCs and Microtransactions


This Year’s 4 Most Atrocious DLCs and Microtransactions

Big prices, little rewards.

Watch Dogs 2 – Season Pass

watch dogs 2

Season Passes have garnered a rather poor reputation over the years thanks to some titles either not providing enough content to justify the price, or the DLC itself being lackluster. However, the recently released Watch Dogs 2 is curiously missing a number of different cosmetic outfits that are being sold for upwards of $7.

Given that the entire idea of purchasing a Season Pass is to obtain all of the DLC for a certain title, the fact that Watch Dogs 2 still gates off content is unforgivable. In an age where some companies will just give players costumes for free, the fact that you don’t even obtain simple clothing DLC with your Season Pass is a problem. Anyone who is willing to put their faith in a developer should be given access to all additional content regardless of what it may be.

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