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The Best Video Game Publisher of 2016


The Best Video Game Publisher of 2016

The ones in charge of it all.

Honorable Mention: Ubisoft


It’s award season here at Twinfinite! Starting with a few runner ups, let’s look back at the best publishers from this year and our 2016 winner!

Not only are most of the games Ubisoft publishes developed in-house, but it’s quite easy to forget just how many games fall under their umbrella. For some time, while the company was putting out pretty solid games, many were worried that they were just stuck in the “annualized games” rut. This year showed and proved that they have a lot more up their sleeves, though.

After skipping out on Assassin’s Creed for the year, many were wondering what the large publisher would possibly fill the space with. The answer was Watch Dogs 2, a sequel to a game not many people liked that showed just how well Ubisoft’s stable of developers listen to player feedback. It was everything that the first Watch Dogs was not, keeping only the very best parts of its predecessor. It opened up its world to player exploration and dialed up the fun factor, providing a much more relatable story and a lovable group of protagonists. It was a solid entry into what had quickly become a shaky franchise, and it was proof that Ubisoft could roll with the punches.

The Division was another example of the publisher listening and having its developers respond. It was a solid release that was soon muddled by bugs and balance issues. With constant support and never-ending communication with fans, the game is steadily improving. That type of dedication to a title, especially one that struggles so hard out of the gates, is not something that should go unnoticed.

There was also a steady string of other enjoyable titles throughout the year across all platforms. Rocksmith Remastered, Just Dance, Eagle Flight, Trials of the Blood Dragon, and Grow Up! are just a few of the solid experiences delivered throughout the year. Ubisoft showed and proved that they can find success without their Assassin’s Creed money tree and a lot of eyes are on them going into the future thanks to titles like For Honor and South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

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