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Battlefield 1’s First Free Map Will Arrive Next Week

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1’s First Free Map Will Arrive Next Week

It’s going to be giant.

The team over at DICE are bringing the year to a close with a brand new multiplayer map for Battlefield 1, which will be free to all current owners of the World War One era first person shooter.

“Giant’s Shadow” will be released on December 20th next week, but the map is available in an exclusive early access format as of tomorrow, to all those who own the Premium Season Pass or anyone who pre-ordered Battlefield 1 before its original October release date.

You can watch the latest trailer for “Giants Shadow”, which also shows off some of the other new features coming to the game with the update, below.

“Giant’s Shadow” is based on the historical Battle of the Selle, and takes place amid a crashed airship, the debris of which is now scattered across the Cateau-Wassigny railway.

A new support gadget, the grenade crossbow, will be released with the map, alongside a bunch of new tweaks and updates to the game itself; including the ability to join a match as a spectator.

All the details will be posted on the Battlefield 1 forums sometime tomorrow, so anyone interested is recommended to head over there when they do.



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