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Astroneer: How to Get a Beacon and What it Does


Astroneer: How to Get a Beacon and What it Does

Beacon – Astroneer

Beacons in Astroneer are very useful items because they help you mark important locations on whatever planet you find yourself on. Simply placing one allows you to have a guide point to that specific spot and they’re even visible over very large distances. It’s great for marking areas where you found a lot of resources, or just cool spots you want to show your friends.

To get a Beacon, you simply have to craft it. All you’ll need is one piece of Compound and your Backpack. Simply place the one piece into the Printer on your Backpack and voila, you have a Beacon that you can place into the world. Seeing as how Compound is extremely common and found everywhere, you should always have enough resources to mark the world as you please.

A few things to note about the Beacon in Astroneer is that only the person who places it can see it. Any co-op partners will have to follow you or drop their own in the same place. Also, you don’t need one to mark Habitats, Vehicles, or other players. They show up automatically. So make sure not to waste one on any of those three locations.

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