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Arc System Works Announces Double Dragon IV, Due in January


Arc System Works Announces Double Dragon IV, Due in January

That was fast!

Today, Arc System Works announced the existence and eminent release of Double Dragon IV. This will be the first entry developed by Arc (who is known for its work in the 2D fighting genre with Guilty Gear and Blaz Blue) following Double Dragon Neon in 2012.

Surprisingly, it looks like we won’t have to wait long to check out Double Dragon IV for ourselves, as it’s releasing in a little over a month on Jan. 30 for PS4. The PC version will be arriving one day later on Jan. 31.

Three members of the original Double Dragon team from 1987 will be returning for the project, including producer Yoshihisa Kishimoto, designer Koji Ogata, and composer Yamane IchiHisashi. The game will support local 2-player multiplayer and evoke the style of 80’s arcade games.

Arc System Works has launched a teaser site that will be updated in the coming weeks with characters, abilities, and more information on modes. In Japan, the game will cost 800 yen which, in USD, currently translates to nearly $7. There is currently no word if this pricing will reflect on the English release.


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