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Ace Combat 7 Gets New Trailer at PlayStation Experience 2016

Ace Combat 7

Ace Combat 7 Gets New Trailer at PlayStation Experience 2016

Flying into PSVR as well.

Ace Combat 7 received a new trailer today at the PlayStation Experience 2016.

Not much information was given in the trailer, but Ace Combat 7 will have a PlayStation VR mode included in the game. Playable demos for the game and its VR component will be at the PlayStation Experience in Anaheim Convention Center once the conference is over. You can check out the trailer below.

The official website notes the game will “return to Strangereal,” which is the name for the universe where Ace Combat takes place. It is similar to reality, to those unfamiliar, but the Strangereal universe features different landmasses and historical events. Ace Combat 7 will feature “real-world current and near-future weapons, but a history steeped in Ace Combat lore.”

The action combat flight simulator was originally announced at last year’s PlayStation Experience, while the franchise celebrated its 20th anniversary on June 30, 2015. Ace Combat 7 is being developed by Project Aces and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

The game will be available on PlayStation 4 and playable in virtual reality through the PSVR headset.


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