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5 Gaming Ships That Showed Us What Love Is


5 Gaming Ships That Showed Us What Love Is

They’re just actual ships, dude.

The Highwind (Final Fantasy)


This is a ship that many gamers will know quite well, courtesy of the beloved Final Fantasy VII. Created by your ever reliable friend Cid, it serves as your primary airship for the run of the game, a place where you can kick back and transport any Chocobos that you come across. But of course, it’s not yours right away; you’ve got to arrange a mutiny and steal it back from the President, Rufus Shinra.

Once it’s yours, though, it’s pretty cool to have control of. Back in the day, it was pretty much like you had control of the SHIELD Helicarrier, and it’s doubtful that feeling will ever go away. In fact, with the Final Fantasy VII Remake arriving (hopefully) soon, getting the Highwind and seeing it in beautiful 1080p glory is going to be one of the many reasons to look forward to the “new” game. Except when you have to lose it during the final battle again, that’s gonna be pretty shitty. Still, we love it because of the work that went into acquiring it and the time that was spent talking with the other misfits that Cloud acquired over the course of the game. The Shera’s got nothing on you, Highwind.

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