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4 Sony Mistakes That Haunted Them This Year


4 Sony Mistakes That Haunted Them This Year

Be careful, Sony.

Isn’t There a Vita?

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We know that the Vita isn’t exactly a star here in the western part of the world. Even though it’s a great console in its own right, there just aren’t many offerings on the little device to warrant buying one over a 3DS or even another home console. Still, Sony pledged support for the handheld throughout 2015, so it’s not surprising that fans were expecting a lot more than they got.

As far as the west goes, the Vita is almost a completely dead platform, used primarily for ports and smaller indies. It’s odd for a company to speak so strongly about one of its products only to let it fade deeper into obscurity almost immediately after. They did make a small effort by showing some games during the recent PSX event, but it can be considered too little, too late.

Waiting so long and then barely showing anything at the end of the year can appear as a lack of faith in something they created. That type of pattern doesn’t bode well for future endeavors, so the company just outright admitting that they can’t provide meaningful support would go over better. 

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