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3 Changes That Could Make The Game Awards Even Better


3 Changes That Could Make The Game Awards Even Better

In need of repairs.

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Change the Date

Final Fantasy XV

For those who follow movies, you probably know that the Oscars are usually held a few months after the year ends due to many companies releasing their films in late November/early December. In contrast, The Game Awards are actually held at the end of December, but the nominees are decided upon before that. This means certain games will be outright omitted from this award season despite releasing in 2016. According to official The Game Awards’ rules, the cutoff point for nominations is November 24, which feels like a premature time to stop accepting games.

Titles that released later in the year, particularly Pokemon Sun & Moon and Final Fantasy XV, are not included in any category this year, despite being critically and publicly praised. Games like Dead Rising 4 and The Last Guardian will not release until December, which means there is no chance for them to compete this award season. And unlike late Oscar films, most of which are seen far in advance via screenings, video games can drastically alter on and after the day of public release.

The date for The Game Awards really needs to be moved to some time in early January or February so all studios have a chance at recognition and all judges have the ability to experience a fair amount of time with the game. While it’s true you can move some of the games missed to the 2017 Game Awards, it’s an altogether tighter affair to just postpone the show itself.

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