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Enjoy 17 Scary Minutes of New Friday the 13th Gameplay

Friday the 13th The Game

Enjoy 17 Scary Minutes of New Friday the 13th Gameplay

Best enjoyed with the lights turned off.

Friday the 13th may have been severely delayed back in October, but the game looks like it’s shaping up to be something really special, if the latest batch of new gameplay footage is to be taken seriously.

Yep, IGN has shown off an entire 17 minutes worth of gameplay, captured from a full multiplayer match of the game running on PC.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself below!

If you were brave enough to make it through that entire video without running behind the couch, you’ll note that the team playing as the camp councilors actually managed to win the match and make it out successfully, though not without a few bloody run-ins with Jason himself.

This bodes well for the dynamics of the multiplayer, which clearly won’t always be favored in the advantage of the lucky player who gets to run around the camp as Jason Vorhees.

While this new footage shows off the multiplayer mode for Friday the 13th, developer Gun Media have also announced that an offline single-player experience will be available once the game finally releases in spring of next year.


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