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Top 10 Hardest PlayStation Trophies and Platinums of 2016


Top 10 Hardest PlayStation Trophies and Platinums of 2016

Do you like a challenge?

The Last Guardian

the last guardian

The near decade long wait finally ended a couple of weeks ago as The Last Guardian was released. If you can ignore some technical issues, the long awaited game offers a moving story of companionship. What may disappoint people, however, is the terrible trophy list that features some seemingly unattainable trophies. The list is made up of 24 trophies, including nine bronze, seven silver, seven gold, and one platinum, yet you are only really guaranteed two bronze trophies for finishing the game – one for reaching the end and one for doing so in under 30 hours. Finishing in under 15 hours gets you a silver and it is also more than likely. A gold for “catching Trico in the act” is another trophy that the majority of players have unlocked, but neither are certainties.

There are far many more difficult trophies than there are manageable ones. There is one for finishing the game in less than five hours which seems impossible; one for reaching the end without a game over, which, considering how wonky the controls can be, will be really difficult; and one for feeding Trico every barrel. They are all really difficult demands that require huge levels of luck to complete. There is simply no balance between attainable and tricky trophies in The Last Guardian.

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