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10 Great Video Game Anti-Piracy Revenge Plots


10 Great Video Game Anti-Piracy Revenge Plots

Theft prevention.

Serious Sam 3: BFE – Invincible Scorpion

You’ll be in for one nasty surprise if you decided to pirate developer Croteam’s game. Instead of simply locking the game up or making it unable for the user to play, those who have a pirated version will have to contest with a rabid scorpion-man monster. The catch is that this monster is far faster than you and is completely invincible to any form of damage, meaning it will forever chase you around the map.

This creature will also be accompanied by any level’s normal enemies, all in hopes of driving pirates away with frustration. Plus, if you do manage to kill scorpion man via a glitch or cheats, then Serious Sam 3 locks your camera and makes you stare at the sky indefinitely.

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