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10 Games That Need the LEGO Treatment Next


10 Games That Need the LEGO Treatment Next

Minify everything!

Over the years, we’ve seen several popular IPs rendered in plastic bricks as LEGO grabbed more and more official licenses. With Star Wars leading the way, things like Harry Potter and both Marvel’s and DC’s extensive fictional universes were transformed into LEGO toys, and eventually games. From Indiana Jones to The Lord of the Rings, fans have built and battled their way through these simplified and spoofed games. Since so many ostensibly serious, or semi-serious properties made the transition well when they got the TT Games treatment, we can’t help but wonder: what other franchises or titles would work well with virtual bricks and minifigs?

Mass Effect

Mass Effect has been hot on everyone’s mind lately with all the buzz around Andromeda. While the main franchise is heading out to a new galaxy, a fresh take on the original trilogy would be most certainly welcome. LEGO Mass Effect could build upon the basis of the first two LEGO Star Wars games, both of which covered three movies each, which in this case would be the three games. The menu-hub, where the player interacts with all the characters they’ve unlocked and begins levels, could be based on the Citadel, since that was the unifying hub in the three Mass Effect titles.

Now, the Mass Effect games are all pretty lengthy and filled with content, especially if we take the DLC into account. A LEGO rendition would not be able to cover all of the story elements, so much like in the case of Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and The Lord of the Rings, LEGO Mass Effect would feature abridged versions of all three games. Since LEGO games always incorporate some aspect of the source material as the main feature, LEGO Mass Effect could add Paragon and Renegade interrupts into cutscenes – which have so far been static throughout the LEGO games.

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