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10 Awesome AAA Games That Never Got a Sequel


10 Awesome AAA Games That Never Got a Sequel

Will they ever return?

Grim Fandango

grim fandango

Considered Tim Schafer’s finest masterpiece, Grim Fandango’s release back in 1998 on PC received critical acclaim. Such critical acclaim that it’s currently sitting at a 94 on Metacritic. For those who haven’t heard of Grim Fandango before, let us give you a quick overview. There are some shady goings on in the Land of Dead and it’s down to you to help out Manny, the travel agent at the Department of Death, and solve the mysterious goings on. Its gameplay was great fun, it had stellar writing, and a beautiful art direction for its time. Heck, the game was so popular that it’s even been remastered for current-gen systems.

Yet, unfortunately, Schafer has never decided to return to the Land of Dead. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, though, as many of his creations have been one and done cases. Regardless, what we wouldn’t do to get our hands on another Grim Fandango title that makes use of the technology of today while maintaining the quick wit and perfect execution of the original.

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