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We Almost Had a Guitar Playing Captain in Destiny’s Wrath of the Machine Raid


We Almost Had a Guitar Playing Captain in Destiny’s Wrath of the Machine Raid

So Shiny, So Chrome.

Destiny’s latest expansion Rise of Iron has clearly taken some inspirations from a variety of different sources, but it turns out one film help contextualize an entire fight. During the new Wrath of Machine raid, the third encounter sets a fireteam of six against a giant death machine that chases them across the top of the wall. While this is perhaps one of the best parts in all of Wrath of the Machine, it’s the clear inspirations from 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road that makes this battle so memorable.

Destiny, Mad Max

It turns out that Bungie had actually planned at one point to put a guitar playing Fallen Captain atop this massive machine. During the Bungie Ride Along for their Wrath of the Machine raid, the developers revealed that they actually took the crazy designs for Mad Max’s cars and wanted to put it in the game. In fact, they went so far as to create a base character model of a Fallen Captain playing a double-necked guitar on the top of the Siege Engine. This is an obvious nod to the Doof Warrior, who served a similar purpose in Fury Road.

Sadly, the idea was scrapped due to possible copyright problems, though given Bungie has had no problem giving iconic dance moves to their Guardians it’s a bit of a surprise he was removed. Though that hasn’t stopped fans from petitioning his addition upon the release of the raid. Hopefully, some day Bungie will patch in this glorious Fallen musician to really make Wrath of the Machine of the best raids in Destiny.

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