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5 Ways Pokemon Sun and Moon Could Be Even Better


5 Ways Pokemon Sun and Moon Could Be Even Better

Excellent games with unrealized potential.

Difficulty Settings


It’s no secret that the Pokemon series has never been particularly difficult. In fact, it’s likely that you’ve made your way through a good number of the games and found yourself becoming the Pokemon Champion of various regions without a loss to your name. Yet, in Sun and Moon, it feels like any shred of difficulty has been removed. Trials are simple, cave formations are easy to navigate, and EXP Share kinda defeats the point of a grinding mechanics. That’s not to say Sun and Moon are bad games, but they’re definitely not going to be testing your skills as a Trainer any time soon.

What Sun and Moon could have really done with is a difficulty setting, scaling up AI trainers and random Pokemon encounters to add a bit of challenge for series veterans. While we understand the games are intended to be suitable for children, a difficulty setting would be the perfect way to ramp up the challenge without having to follow the rules of the Nuzlocke Challenge.

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