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5 Ways Microtransactions Can Be Used for Good


5 Ways Microtransactions Can Be Used for Good

It’s not all that bad.


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When it comes to microtransactions, many players consider them a means of the developers trying to squeeze that last bit of extra cash for consumers for items that could have easily been included in the base game. Though microtransaction content comes in a variety of different sizes, one way to give them a positive image is to change where the raised money goes.

There are plenty of great charities that money can go to, and whichever one it goes to would definitely make purchasing that sweet new horse armor or weapon skin a worthwhile one. It’d be a great way to give players stuff that perhaps couldn’t be justified enough to go in the base game, or just something a little crazy and help those in need in the world. It’d be great to see some developers get involved with the upcoming Extra Life in such a way.

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