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Watch Dogs 2: How to Throw Grenades


Watch Dogs 2: How to Throw Grenades

Grenades – Watch Dogs 2

Just like in the first game, throwable grenades and other gadgets are able to be used in Watch Dogs 2, but you first have to unlock them. For two Skill Points you can unlock the first Tinkering Skill which grants you access to the Electro Shock Device (basically a hackable, non-lethal mine). This is the first ‘grenade’ type weapon you’ll receive in your arsenal.

To equip grenades, once you’ve unlocked them, hold up on the d-pad and highlight them using the right thumbstick. Once equipped, you can throw grenades by holding down R1/RB to aim, then releasing. Quickly tapping the button will do a quick toss in the general direction you’re looking at.

Grenades in Watch Dogs 2 aren’t typical, though. They are actually hackable devices you toss out into the world. You can make them proximity mines, meaning anyone who walks into their sphere of influence will trigger the explosion, or you can detonate them at will. Your choice.

As far as getting more grenades, they recharge over time. You can upgrade this to happen quicker by spending six research points and having the proper piece of Key Data. Do note that you start off only being able to carry two of each type at a time. This can be upgraded to five later on.

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