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Watch Dogs 2: How to Sprint and Run


Watch Dogs 2: How to Sprint and Run

Sprint and Parkour – Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 has much more fluid movement for Marcus, the game’s protagonist, than was available to Aiden. The city of San Francisco is full of areas just begging to be climbed and explored so being able to sprint through alleys and parkour onto (and off of) rooftops are invaluable abilities available to Marcus.

To sprint, simply click in the left thumbstick as you move. This will allow you to move quickly between locations. Perfect when running through crazy traffic or looking for that perfect position before taking out an enemy strong point. However, sprinting will only help you move around on the ground. Sometimes, you’ll want to add a bit of verticality to your approach.

To utilize Marcus’ solid parkour skills, hold down R2 or RT as you move around. If anything can be vaulted over or climbed, he will automatically do so. Allowing you to jump fences, scale buildings, and find perfect vantage points. It can also be used to climb down safely from certain areas.

Do keep in mind that while the protagonist of Watch Dogs 2 enjoys heights just like the protagonists of a certain other Ubisoft franchise, there are no leaps of faith. If you fall from a high enough distance, you will die. So always remember how you got up there, or fast travel off the top to save yourself the pain (and the embarassment).

For more Watch Dogs 2 help, be sure to keep it locked to Twinfinite for guides and tips!

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