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Watch Dogs 2: How to Melee


Watch Dogs 2: How to Melee

Melee – Watch Dogs 2

You don’t have to rely on guns and all this new fangled technology to help you get through tricky situations if you don’t want to. Sometimes a solid hit to the face is the perfect answer to all of your enemy troubles. Watch Dogs 2 equips Marcus with a makeshift weapon for melee encounters that is made up of a billiard ball and some lanyard. He can swing it around for sick combos, choke someone out, and look like a badass as he takes down powerful guards. It’s also the most useful way of taking down armored enemies (go figure).

To melee, simply hit Circle/B when in range of an enemy. You’ll instantly start a combo that knocks your opponent out for the remainder of the encounter. You can also stealthily attack by triggering the melee before you’re spotted. This will take down your enemy without alerting anyone nearby.

Do note that you are locked into the animation once it begins. Don’t try to take someone down in the middle of a firefight unless you want to be lit up as you slowly lower an enemy to the ground. It’s a bit weird, but it forces you to be more strategic in your close quarters approach.

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