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Watch Dogs 2: How to Hack


Watch Dogs 2: How to Hack

Hack – Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 places players into the shoes of Marcus Holloway, a young hacker who has ideas for freeing humanity from the clutches of a controlling technology. Naturally, this means you’ll put your strongest abilities to use. Namely, hacking. You’ll be able to hack a large number of items and people as you play through the game and here’s how.

Hacking People: Your profiler will automatically target people in your area and focus on whoever you’re looking directly at (meaning your reticule is hovering over them). Hold down L1 or LB to pull up a small menu of hacks that will vary depending on your target. The top three remain the same always once unlocked and they are Distract, Call Police, Call Gang. The bottom one (X or A) is situational. It can be to collect money, a charge for your hacking, detonate their grenade, or a few other things.

Hacking Items: Items work just like people, only they have different options that are all locked in. You can set them to proximity (meaning they’ll activate when an enemy gets close enough), alert (attracts enemies over), power down (can’t be used for 10 seconds), or activate (instantly triggers whatever the item does). To bring up the menu hold L1 or LB while focused on the item, then use one of the face buttons to choose your option. Keep in mind that not all options are available from the very beginning.

Hacking Vehicles: Once you unlock the Vehicle Direction Hack, you can quickly control the direction of a vehicle you’re not in. Hold L1 or LB to lock onto a vehicle, then use the directional buttons to steer it.

Controlling Items: Certain items in the world (like forklifts and cameras) can be controlled. Hold square to take control and you can use them. Different items have different controls which will appear on screen. Do note that you will temporarily become that item, meaning you will be left somewhere defenseless, so find a safe place.

Quick Hacks: Quickly tapping L1 or LB while looking at something will automatically use the last hack you used on that particular type of item. If your last car move was a left turn. Tapping L1 or LB on any other cars will make them violently turn left.

There you go, now you’re able to hack the world in Watch Dogs 2.

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