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Watch Dogs 2: How to Get More Followers


Watch Dogs 2: How to Get More Followers

Gotta up that follower count!

Watch Dogs 2 – Getting More Followers

Instead of earning experience points and leveling up, progression in Watch Dogs 2 is determined by the number of followers that you have. Once you gain enough, you’ll have the influence necessary to take on the next main mission, or Operation, as the game calls it. Listed below are the ways you can quickly gather followers in the game:

  • Buying clothes: Looking fashionable is important, after all. How else are you going to convince people to ‘follow’ you?
  • Side missions: Completing side missions that you find around San Francisco will net you a good amount of followers as well.
  • Completing challenges: Challenges can be found all over the map, and if you take the time to do them, your crew’s follower number will rise.
  • Completing Operations: By progressing through the story naturally, Marcus and gang will gain followers. However, you will eventually need to employ one of the previously listed methods to gain more followers in order to attempt the next Operation.

Those are all the ways you can gain followers in Watch Dogs 2 at the moment, and completing the above activities will help you reach the next follower threshold much easily.

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