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Watch Dogs 2: How to Change Clothes


Watch Dogs 2: How to Change Clothes

Change Clothes – Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 gives players a lot more creative freedom with Marcus than they ever provided with Aiden by way of clothing customization. While the first game let you unlock whole outfits (some of which looked pretty cool), the sequel allows you to mix and match seven different pieces – tops, bottoms, footwear, glasses, hats, mask, and bags – across a range of different styles.

When you start you’ll only have a handful of clothing options, but you can purchase more at any of the shops scattered around Watch Dogs 2’s map. You’ll notice that when you purchase a piece of clothing, Marcus will automatically equip it, which can be a bit annoying. To change clothes, simply hit R1/RB while in the shop to head to the Wardrobe tab which will let you browse through everything you’ve unlocked and purchased. Just pres X/A on the item you want and voila, you have it on. Express yourself through your threads as you work to take down the government controlled digital eye over the city.

Do keep in mind that there are a couple of missions that force you to wear a specific outfit, so you won’t be able to change clothes until that mission is complete.

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