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Watch Dogs 2: The Best Skills and Upgrades to Unlock


Watch Dogs 2: The Best Skills and Upgrades to Unlock

Be the best hacker you can be.

The Best Hacking Skills and Upgrades

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Watch Dogs 2 offers players a large skill tree with many different abilities that will improve your hacking abilities while also adding new techniques to your repertoire. If you’re a completionist, you’ll eventually find yourself garnering every single one, but if you’re one of those players who’s just looking to get through the story, though, you’re going to want to choose what you spend your points on wisely. Of course, what’s best will depend on your preferred playstyle, but there are some skills that everyone should own and utilize regularly under each tree.

The Social Engineering tree offers up four really good skills and upgrades that all players should add to their arsenal (not counting the base one that has you creating distractions). The three skills you should go for are:

Improved Profiler – This is a passive ability that highlights anyone with a lot of transferable income with a blue box around them. This is a must have for anyone trying to fund their adventure, whether it be for buying weapons or appropriate outfits. Also, cars and boats can be really expensive, so every dollar counts.

Gang Attack – This is an expensive ability when it comes to using up your Botnets (the blue charges used to power hacks), but it can help out a lot. You summon a gang to come take out a target, which can result in a war wiping out all enemies in an area. We also recommend upgrading this one fully to Gang War so that you get a seemingly unstoppable gang force to show up and kill everything in its path.

APB: Suspect Located – Works like the gang attack only it has the chance to be non-lethal (really depends on what your target decides to do). While there is an upgrade, it isn’t really necessary. If your target starts shooting, that will call in better police anyway, so stick to the basic and save your points.

Massive Communication Disruption – This hack is a life saver in Watch Dogs 2. It triggers all distractions in your area and can support a quick getaway as everyone checks their phones and headsets.

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