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Watch Dark Souls III Played Using Folding Chairs and Butts


Watch Dark Souls III Played Using Folding Chairs and Butts

Can sitting conquer Dark Souls III?

You’ve seen Dark Souls III played with guitars and dance pads, but now the infamous series is facing mankind’s greatest tools: chairs and butts.

The production team over at The Attack is on a quest to create the “hardest game of Dark Souls ever,” so they made a controller by wiring conductive chairs to a computer. Each chair is assigned to one of eight players, who holds onto a ground wire and then sits down to complete a circuit. Basically, you can cover metal chairs in foil and then sit on them to “push a button.”

Their concerning mountain of tinfoil and wires complete, the team got to work facing off against Dark Souls III’s first boss. One button for each butt, with a ninth player controlling the camera and giving direction. The results are about what you’d expect — a mess of squatting fury:

They never do beat the boss, though eventually manage to get the enemy down to one third of its health, one sit at a time. You can check out more of The Attack live on Twitch every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4pm PT.

In other news, Dark Souls III’s first expansion, Ashes of Ariandel, recently released. If you’re playing, check out the five best hidden weapons stashed throughout the DLC, or just read through the entire story and ending here.

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