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Watch Battlefield 1 Players Rain Death From Above With a Flying Tank


Watch Battlefield 1 Players Rain Death From Above With a Flying Tank

Making the impossible, possible.

Battlefield 1 is an intense multiplayer shooter that tasks players with storming the trenches of various areas across a World War I setting. Many users praised it for the intimate and thrilling combat thanks to a heavier focus on rushing positions and using powerful items like mustard gas. However, Youtuber Russkhof decided to take it in a different direction and actually managed to get a tank to fly.

On the map Sinai Desert, Russkhof and his squad somehow propped a light tank between the two wings of an Attack Plane. Seeming to defy gravity and physics, their tank actually lifted off the ground and was carried very slowly across part of the map via the plane. While the plane itself was obviously tilted due to the weight, it was actually able to remain stable enough for the driver of the tank to hit and kill an enemy plane.

They were soon shot down by their opponents once they got in range but the memory of a flying tank will never be forgotten. Plus, the driver of the tank landed completely unscathed even after falling out of the sky. Battlefield games have always had a community that focused more around pulling off insane stunts, however this might be our favorite one to date. Perhaps we will see more flying tanks in future Battlefield 1 DLC, after all, who wouldn’t want these makeshift Behemoths?

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